Commercial electric vehicles run further, more reliable and at lower cost with the cloud services of ViriCiti. Interested in how we may improve your electric operations today?

More range


We provide in-depth route energy analysis up-front and real-time vehicle monitoring during operation. Planning further and more secure has never been so easy.

Higher uptime


Continuous vehicle monitoring keeps your electric fleet on the road. Pro-active error detecting and messaging informs your staff in case of technical events.

Total transparency

Your questions answered

Viriciti transforms vehicle data into usable reports. Energy consumption, km driven – vehicle uptime: our cloud systems provide you with clear answers.

Solutions dedicated for you

Electric city buses and trucks have many stakeholders. Its time to cooperate and build a better use case with significant lower cost of operation. Our telematic system has been built with care to help the problems of all involved. That includes the operator, transport authority as well as the vehicle producer and its (component) suppliers. Interested in how we may help you?

For Operators

25% more range
Unleash the full potential of your electric vehicles without compromising reliability

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For OEMs

10% more uptime
Significantly improve customer satisfaction with real-time monitoring and problem resolution

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For Suppliers

20% less warranty costs
Collect valuable component performance statistics to improve your products in operation

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For PTAs

100% transparency
Know exactly what the performance is of your electric fleet – and where improvement is possible

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What makes us different

Electric city buses and trucks have their own unique challenges in operations. It’s time for a dedicated set of solutions to assist commercial electric vehicles in becoming more productive at lower cost.

Viriciti has designed its telematic cloud services from the start to support electric vehicles only. Using the latest cloud and server technologies, we monitor and analyse your commercial EV data up to millisecond level.

Result: higher reliability, more range and better insights.