Monitoring solutions for electric transport operations

ViriCiti is the independent partner for data-insights in your entire operation. By connecting your electric, CNG, diesel, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles together with your charging infrastructure, you have one complete integrated overview. ViriCiti gives you full insights in energy management, maintenance, route operations and flexible charging for your mixed fleet.

What is your industry?

A data overview of an operators fleet, retrieved through vehicle monitoring, shown in ViriCiti's own online dashboard.

How does ViriCiti work?

ViriCiti connects with any type of vehicle and charge station. Real-time data is sent to our secured servers where it is analyzed and simultaneously stored for reporting purposes. Based on this data that is presented in intuitive dashboards and accessible 24/7, your operation can be continuously improved.

A video explaing what VriCiti can do for a fleet operator. It covers all of ViriCiti's services from electric bus monitoring to charge station monitoring and smart charging.

Connect, Collect, Store & Evaluate

Icons showing how ViriCiti's vehicle and charge station monitoring services work.

What are the advantages for your transport operation?

ViriCiti displays your charging infrastructure and fleets, mixed or full electric, in one platform. Automatic alerts are set to prevent operational errors. By connecting all your assets, data-insight can be used strategically in energy management, route operations and flexible charging.


  • Increase vehicle utilization
  • Cost-mile reduction
  • Actionable insights


  • Remote control
  • Real-time insights
  • Charge session reports


  • Utility cost reduction
  • Battery life extension
  • Increase charging flexibility and efficiency


  • Automotive grade certified
  • Power efficient
  • Over-The-Air firmware updates

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ViriCiti supports our daily vehicle control. Their close and active working relationship means that we have been able to develop unparalleled remote analysis and help us improve customer support.- Tim Hampshire – Product Reliability Manager – Optare
In Münster we are pursuing our vision to achieve a 100% electric bus transport. ViriCiti helps us significantly in the daily operations and supports us to increase the utilization of the buses.- Eckhard Schläfke – Director Public Transport Operations – Stadtwerke Münster
With the ViriCiti system we can guarantee on time arrivals and steady schedules as promised to our customers. These types of systems will build the trust that we need in electric transport.- Han van der Wal - QBuzz